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Summer 2018

And it's hot, hot, hot! Just one week away from playing at the Iron Horse Restaurant and checking out its old-timey display window stage... something you don't see too often around Richmond. Then in August we'll make our debut at the Tin Pan.

A couple of interesting tidbits for the band this summer, in the spririt of the shameless plug for our sister acts, would be catching Allen with the Richmond Pops Band at the Altria in June (where he sat first chair for clarinet)... not too shabby. Kas also had a show with her new Balkan band, "Pandemia," which debuted in May at the Byrd Park Roundhouse.   

Something exciting on the horizon to watch will be Andy and his new vintage accordion he acquired (with the help of Richmond's own Accordion Queen, Karen Sokohl). More on this to come as Andy develops a skill set for this wonderful instrument. But, on the subject of Karen and the accordion, there is no bigger advocate that I know of when it comes to the world of accordion playing here in the Richmond area. if you'd like to know more about accordions, accordion playing or just how to get involved with a Richmond accordion network you can find Karen on facebook with her blog, Accordion to Karen.

Struggling to learn a new instrument can be quite a challenge when balancing that and your main instrument. I recently picked up a Greek bouzouki as I love the sound of its aggressive Eastern Mediterranean twang. Andy and I are determined to blend some accordion and bouzouki on a couple of select novelty tunes for a curveball somewhere down the road when we get a better handle on things.  

Something new on this website is the addition of a new page entitled, Tin Pan Alley, where I'm promoting some educational pieces on the subject and the brand of music we adore and play. Please check it out! I hope you like it. 

We've also published our new gig poster for the remainder of 2018. Huge thanks to Jim Snyder for designing it. You can find a digital image of it here on the events page.

For now, that's a lot. As always, I love this little band and I hope you do too. Hope to see you at a show sometime. 

The management kindly thanks you!

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Spring 2018

The Spring of 2018 has been just what we hoped it would. Motherhood isn’t holding Kas back at all. In fact, Kas picked up right where she left off this past March, with little Isabel at her side. 

Since then we’ve continued to build our musical library, including the addition of another AMS original to the portfolio, "Somewhere On The Radio." May also brought Art an accolade as the lyrics to one of his newly written songs, “The Circumstance of My Romance With You,” received Honorable Mention in the May/June issue of American Songwriter magazine. 

We were also quite busy adding some covers to our set list including a wonderful adaptation of Jo Stafford's version of "You Belong To Me." Andy also spent some time refashioning Eartha Kitts version of "Brother Can You Spare A Dime," which features a lot of his influence and the smokier side of Marilyn's vocal range. And just to keep things interesting, Marilyn and Andy whipped up Adele's version of Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love."  

This Summer (July 14th) AMS will venture to Ashland to play The Iron Horse Restaurant, with its stage set against a boomerang shaped store front window  – only yards away from a busy set of railroad tracks.  And then we’re off to The Tin Pan (August 17th) to play in Richmond’s premiere dinner club. We hope to see you at one of our Summer shows and we promise to bring something unique and special to each performance.  

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