The Melody Makers

Marilyn Brown


Antique Melody Show's saloon croon ballyhoo all centers around the smoke and honey vocals of Marilyn Brown. No stranger to the Richmond music scene, Marilyn has more than 20 years of professional stage singing experience, most notably with Spectrum, a Richmond-based multi-genre big band and The Continentals, a high-powered swing band. 

Artie Mayer


Marilyn co-founded AMS with Artie Mayer who anchors the band on guitar. Artie's brand of playing is anything but traditional, often blending roots jazz rhythms with Americana campfire crunch - a tonal quality you can hear in his songwriting and musical arrangements. Artie made his Richmond debut after founding Rumble Seat Revival a Richmond-based Tin Pan Alley band in 2013. 

Allen Cole


Allen Cole is the boss on clarinet. He is also arguably the hardest working horn player in all of Richmond. Allen performs on somewhat of a regular basis throughout the calendar year on both clarinet and saxophone in several bands including Spectrum (for over 30 years), My Son the Doctor, Elbe-Musikanten Polka Band, Swing Shift, Richmond Clarinet Choir, the Richmond Pops Band and Rumble Seat Revival. And when Allen isn't playing music, he's teaching it. He also happens to be a church Choir Director for more years than he can remember.

Kassia Arbabi


On violin is the versatile Kassia Arbabi. Her musical tastes encompass a variety of styles, most noteably classical, world music, klezmer and jazz. You're likley to find "Kas" in several bands including My Son the Doctor, The Vulgar Bulgars and the Breakfast Cabaret Orchestra. 

Eric Meyer


Eric Meyer was born and raised in Washington, DC. Eric earned his BA in Dramatic Arts from the University of North Carolina of Chapel Hill. After UNC, Eric worked as a full-time firefighter in Durham, NC for four years, and has subsequently worked as a computer programmer for the following twenty plus years. Eric rediscovered the joy of playing music ten years ago by resuming a long-forgotten interest in guitar. He accidentally discovered electric bass three years later, and began studying double bass in two years after that. Eric and his wife moved to Richmond in July 2017 for his wife's job at VCU. Eric also plays in jazz combos, big bands, and salsa ensembles.

Andy McCarty


On keyboards and trombone is the multi-talented Andy McCarty who brings his own brand of iconic saloon-esque flavor to the mix. If you catch us live you'll almost always get to hear Andy entertaining the audience with a few select ragtime pieces. Andy is a true throwback to early popular American music.